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About Us

“China-Explorer” is one of the leading online tour operators in the P. R. China.

Our Team

Foto von Markus Bo
Markus Bo
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Jane Huang

Since 1989 we have been organizing tours around China for foreign tourists in cooperation with European and American business partners.
Our team includes experienced professionals operating in the tourism business for many years. They are very experienced in arranging tours, especially customised tours for individuals and groups. Some colleagues have been tour guides for more than 15 years. All guides have the necessary linguistic knowledge. We all share the passion for travel. No matter how exceptional or challenging the request might be, we will give you a satisfying reply.

Our Offers

China is a vast country. The geography differs from north to south and from east to west. There are deserts and forests, lakes and hills, crowded cities and rural areas…
In order to show you an authentic and exciting China, we offer you new and unknown but very attractive routes besides popular and traditional ones. Up to now, we have more than 20 different routes to offer. Our products are aimed at avoiding the mass tourism. Therefore, they can be tailored according to your wishes.

In order to provide you with the best hotel services, we spend a lot of time every year evaluating the equipment, the services, etc. of hotels from deluxe five star hotels to simple and clean guesthouses. We constantly search for new hotels in each city.

As a department of Guilin Scenery International Travel Service, we are a member of PATA (Pacific Asia Travel Association) and IATA (International Air Transport Association). We have been co-operating very closely with domestic airlines for many years so that we can offer current information and flights with special discounts to you.

Our Quality Assurance

According to the regulation of the Chinese Ministry of Tourism, we have deposited 1,600,000 Yuan, equivalent to 200,000 US dollars, at the Ministry, as a guarantee. The Ministry of Tourism is the official organisation that deals with tourists’ complaints.

This is only one of the measures we have taken for quality assurance.
As a tour operator with a high sense of responsibility, we consider taking all this measures as our duty.





Our licence

Our Guides and Drivers

Reiseführer-Ausweis Reiseführer-Anh?ngerThe English-speaking local tour guides we deploy in each city have all spent four years of learning English. They have the necessary language knowledge and skills for the job. All of them have passed the Examination as Tour Guides and got the National Tour Guide License. The examination includes several parts: written and oral tests about China’s history, geography and culture, as well as international and national politics, economy of tourism, etc.

a guide’s identification card a guide’s certificate

Innerer Raum von Auto




the passenger compartment

The cars and buses we use in each city have been given the permission of being used as traveling vehicles by the local traffic department. They are of good quality and up to the Chinese safety standards. The drivers have the necessary knowledge about their cities or towns. They are reliable, competent and friendly.

Auto für kleine Gruppen




a car for 2-5 persons

Our Service

Apart from fixed dates tours we offer customized tours for individuals and groups. So let us know your vision about your dream holidays; our experts will plan the itinerary for you within 2 working days. It can be modified as often as necessary acording to your wishes.
Together with the confirmation of your booking we will send further tour information to you. We compiled it due to our experience of many years. The information contains the addresses of your hotels in English and Chinese as a JPG-file.

We prepare all tours very thoroughly. But if you face any problems during your travel in China, our English speaking contact person can be contacted at any time; every problem will be taken seriously and will be solved in time on the spot.

To enhance our offer we would like to hear your opinion concerning our tours, the services etc. After completing your travel, please send us a feedback.

Here we would like to thank you for your confidence and your interest in our services and wish you a good journey!

Your “China-Explorer” team

We can be contacted easily!


Tel: 0086-773-2853814, Monday to Friday, 9 a.m to 6 p.m.
Fax: 0086-773-2853815
At the weekends, please dial the mobile phone number 0086-(0)13607739004

(Please do not forget that there is a time difference between your country and China! China’s Standard Time is 8 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT +8). There are no different time zones within China.)

Skype and MSN:

You can reach us also via Skype’s internet telephone (free of charge) at the following address: boweidong
or with MSN at the following address:

or use our contact formular


Fax: 0086-773-2853815

Our Tour-Operator-Licence-No.: L-GX-GJ00029

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