If you want to travel, China provides a lot of opportunities!

Mode of Payment
Credit Card

Please follow the steps below to make payment by Credit Card

1. Please click to download the Credit Card Authorization Form, print it and fill it.
2. Please copy your credit card (front and back) and your passport
3. Please fax us your credit card information to China-Explorer's fax

Fax number: 0086-773-2853814

We accept MasterCard and Visa Card.

Please note that a correct filling of the form guarantees that we are able to charge only the deposit and the balance.

We Guarantee Your Credit Card Security!

Bank Wire Transfer

Please follow the steps below to make payment through wire transfer:

1. Please find out how much you need to wire to us for the tour.
2. Find our Bank information below on this page.
3. Don't forget to write our tour code on the transfer sheet.
4. After you have paid, please transmit your money transfer sheet to us either by e-mail (scan) or     by fax.
    German website: www.china-entdecken.com
E-mail:chinatopguide@vip.sina.com                  Our Fax number: 0086-773-2853814

Our Foreign Currency Bank Account

Beneficiary bank: China Construction Bank, Guangxi Branch
                     92 Minzu Avenue, Nanning, Guangxi, P.R. China

Swift number:
Beneficiary account name:
Guilin Everyone International Travel LTD
Beneficiary Account:

1. Please be aware that it may take 10 working days for the money to reach our account through     wire transfer.
2. Personal checks cannot be accepted.
3. If you pay in RMB, the exchange rate is US $1=8.3RMB
4. Be aware that the bank charges you with transaction costs not China-Explorer!
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